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March 23, 2009

March 01, 2009

January 26, 2009

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  • Angela from Rockledge, FL writes...
    “Having waited a long time to become parents, we wanted to capture the most precious moments of our adopted son. Kim knew how important it was to have a photographic history documenting every little nuance and special expression of our little boy. She took this project on as if we were family. She shared in our excitement and did not finish a session without feeling that she had gotten the best shots she possibly could, including capturing his little toes curled up around the tub he was in, something he does in everyday life. Her easy going manner and how she cuddles and loves your baby sets up a relaxed atmosphere allowing her to get the very best shots. Kim is dedicated to pleasing her clients. Her shots are not forced nor posed. They just exquisitely reflect the emotion and mood of her subjects. After viewing your photos from Kim McCormick Photography, you’ll see that they naturally portray the things you treasure most, the true sparkle and love in your child’s eyes.”
  • Krista from Hingham, MA writes...
    “The best thing about working with Kim compared to other photographers that I've worked with is...Kim understands how kids work. Most kids can take a limited amount of posing and smiling at a time. Kim was so considerate to acknowledge when my kids needed a break. It made for a better experience for me and for my kids. She took great effort to capture their true personalities and not just a canned smile. I think that giving them the space they needed and making it fun made all of that happen. I have had many people comment that Clara should be a model. What they don't know is the painstaking effort and patience on Kim’s part to capture that look in our photographs. Kim made it look so natural as if she does it every day. Ha. I only wish. Thank You!! Thank You!!”
  • Kareen from Patrick AFB, FL writes...
    "We first fell in love with Kim, when friends shared pictures Kim took of their family for Operation: Love Reunited. Shortly after seeing the photographs, we found out my husband, Matt, would be deploying. I immediately contacted Kim. Kim instantly warmed up to my tired, grumpy and shy two year old, Aubrie. Kim worked quickly and adjusted accordingly. Some of Aubrie's grumpy looks were used to her advantage and Kim captured some amazing shots. Kim's personality is fun and she is easy going. We all felt very comfortable and relaxed with her. Nothing compared to seeing the photographs in person. When I actually held the pictures in my hand, my eyes filled with tears and I was speechless. They told a story. They were humorous, elegant, gorgeous and stunning!!!! They were not just pictures, but beautiful art. I cannot wait for Kim to take more photographs of my family. She is a talented artist, and so much more!!!!"